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  • Lydia K.
    "Your technicians were pleasant, helpful and professional when confronted with a difficult task. They worked very hard and they were terrific. The task was very intense - given truly awful working conditions. I appreciate them greatly."
    16 May, 2011
  • Michael K.
    "I am extremely happy with the way all services have been provided. This very stressful week was eased by Water Damage FL specialists. They were courteous, clean, professional and answered every question we had. I will definitely refer your company to anyone I know in need of these kind of services. Thank you so much!"
    23 January, 2012
  • Charles B.
    "You did a wonderful job and I would recommend your company and services to anyone. Your responded to our problem quickly and worked steadily until the job was completed. All work was very satisfactory, your employee was very professional and knowledgeable of the work that had to be done and accomplished it efficiently. I was happy with all of the work. You did a very professional job and we both appreciate that."
    01 April, 2012
Flood Water Removal - Flood Water Restoration Florida

Flood Damage can be caused by many things like broken pipes, roof leaks, clogged sinks, and bathtub overflows. Water Damage Florida is here to help you with your flood damage and restoration needs. Our crews are trained and certified to handle any kind of Flood Damage Restoration loss no matter what the size or issue is. When water is released into your home through a broken pipe it will continue to run until it has been shut off, damaging everything in its path including Documents, photographs, furniture, and clothing. That’s why it’s so important to take action immediately to prevent future loss.

The effects of a flood on your home or business can be serious and ultimately long-lasting. You'll likely have a significant amount of damage to deal with. Rest assured, however, that it can all be repaired in due time. The actual emotional stress that flood victims are faced with is often overlooked; except by us. Even a small local flood on just your property alone can potentially destroy a lifetime of possessions, as well as profoundly affecting the comfort we all feel in the safety, security and reliability of our own homes.

The expert technicians at Water Damage Florida are trained in all current procedures, such as Rapid Structural Drying, so as to dry your entire structure as quickly as possible, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Moisture meters are used to locate moisture that may not be visible or may even be hidden behind walls or cabinets.

Using this advanced technology our Professionals Technicians can ensure that all wet materials are dry. We understand how important it is to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water, smoke, or fire damage; which is why you can rely on Water Damage Florida to provide emergency response and quick professional service 24-hours a day, no matter what the damage is.

Flood & Water Extraction and Damage Cleanup Services Offered:
  • Basement Water Removal Florida.
  • Water Removal and Drying Florida.
  • Dehumidification Procedures.
  • We’ll Deodorize and Sanitize against Unwanted Odors and Mildew.
  • Carpet Cleaning, Repair, and Stretching Where Required.
  • Debris Removal Process Florida.
  • Tile and Air Duct Cleaning (after Water Damage).

You can be confident in our skills as water damage remediation professionals. We will do the job properly and restore your property to its original, pre-damage, condition. Also, if you made an insurance claim, then our water damage restoration service will also include assistance in helping you coordinate payment with your current insurance company.

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